Gateway Solutions

Installing a gateway solution on your network will allow you to control what your network user's view on the internet, who can enter your network from the internet and with what methods. Installing a gateway will also allow you to tighten your network's security with a customised firewall to serve and filter emails.

What is a Vintek Gateway Solution?

A Vintek Gateway Solution is a turnkey solution providing a flexible, managed and reliable internet gateway for your network. Being a fully managed solution ensures security and reliability are kept at a premium for network and internet uptime.

What are the advantages?

Vintek Gateway Solutions provide you with the following benefits:

Pricing and extended information

As each gateway solution Vintek provide will be setup, installed and configured differently each instance, we cannot place a fixed cost on this solution. If you would like more information or would like to arrange a consultation with one of our qualified consultants - please contact our friendly sales team.