Premium DSL

Vintek offer a top of the line Premium DSL service which extends upon the speed and data caps of the Business ADSL & SDSL services at very reasonable prices - while still keeping the great speed, quality and support. This service covers both ADSL (Asynchronous) and SHDSL (Synchronous) speeds, giving you high speed downloads or high speed downloads and uploads!

What is Premium DSL?

Premium ADSL is a technology that provides broadband Internet access over a standard telephone line, at speeds that are an order of magnitude faster than the best dialup modem connection. Unlike traditional modem based 'dialup' access, Premium ADSL is an always-on technology.

Our SHDSL plans offer symmetric data rates (same speed for upload and download), for customers who wish to serve significant quantities of information back to the Internet.

Premium DSL Plans

Plan DescriptionMonthly AccessSpeed (Down/Up)Included DownloadsMinimum Charge for
12 Month Contract
512K Bronze $246.00 512/512 Kbps No Data $2,952.00
512K Platinum $415.00 512/512 Kbps Unlimited $4,980.00
1024K Bronze $298.00 1024/1024 Kbps No Data $3,576.00
1024K Platinum $588.80 1024/1024 Kbps Unlimited $7,065.60
1500K Bronze $377.30 1500/1500 Kbps No Data $4,527.60
1500K Platinum $794.20 1500/1500 Kbps Unlimited $9,530.40
2048K Bronze $475.00 2048/2048 Kbps No Data $5,700.00
2048K Platinum $1,059.30 2048/2048 Kbps Unlimited $12,711.60
3072K Bronze $584.10 3072/3072 Kbps No Data $7,009.20
3072K Platinum $1,397.40 3072/3072 Kbps Unlimited $16,768.80
4096K Bronze $888.80 4096/4096 Kbps No Data $10,665.60
4096K Platinum $1,976.70 4096/4096 Kbps Unlimited $23,720.40
Plan DescriptionCost per GB
1GB Prepaid - $22.00 per month $22.00
3GB Prepaid - $38.50 per month $12.83
5GB Prepaid - $66.00 per month $13.20
10GB Prepaid - $132.00 per month $13.20
20GB Prepaid - $264.00 per month $13.20
50GB Prepaid - $621.00 per month $12.42
100GB Prepaid - $1210.00 per month $12.10
200GB Prepaid - $2200.00 per month $11.00

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Can I get Premium DSL at my business?

When applying for premium DSL services, Vintek will conduct a number of checks to ensure that DSL can be successfully connected to your service number. These checks include confirmation of:

  1. Your telephone exchange has been enabled for Premium ADSL
  2. Your proximity to the telephone exchange is within 3kms
  3. Availability of spare capacity
  4. Other products and services in use that may impact the ability to connect to DSL

What are my system requirements?

To be eligible for ADSL you must meet the following criteria:

To check if your telephone exchange is enabled for ADSL - click here. If you pass this check your ADSL application will be accepted into our system. Once an application has been entered our qualified technicians will carry out steps 2-4 noted above to further check if we can provide you with ADSL.

Terms and Conditions & ADSL Service Specifications

Please ensure you have read, understood and agree with our Terms and Conditions & ADSL Service Specifications before you order these products. Please note that it may take up to 21 days from your day of order to the service commissioning.