Vintek provides a very high-speed two way satellite broadband service to enable next generation video conferencing, Internet, voice and data communications services to organisations whose needs are not met by traditional broadband technologies.

What is Satellite?

Broadband take up in Australia is on the increase. However many organisations are finding older broadband technologies such as ADSL, Cable and ISDN do not meet their needs for quality of service and price for bandwidth heavy applications such as Multicasting and Video Conferencing, especially in remote areas.

With new unlimited Vintek data plans and the fastest upload/download speeds available Vintek has a True Broadband solution to suit the most advanced application requirements.

Satellite Plans

Plan DescriptionMonthly AccessSpeed (Down/Up)Included DownloadsMinimum Charge for
24 Month Contract
Satellite 128/64 Kbps Unlimited $228.00 128/64 Kbps Unlimited $5,472.00
Satellite 256/64 Kbps Unlimited $371.00 256/64 Kbps Unlimited $8,904.00
Satellite 256/128 Kbps Unlimited $456.00 256/128 Kbps Unlimited $10,944.00
Satellite 512/64 Kbps Unlimited $656.00 512/64 Kbps Unlimited $15,744.00
Satellite 512/128 Kbps Unlimited $742.00 512/128 Kbps Unlimited $17,808.00
Satellite 512/256 Kbps Unlimited $913.00 512/256 Kbps Unlimited $21,912.00
Satellite 1024/64 Kbps Unlimited $1,227.00 1024/64 Kbps Unlimited $29,448.00
Satellite 1024/128 Kbps Unlimited $1,312.00 1024/128 Kbps Unlimited $31,488.00
Satellite 1024/256 Kbps Unlimited $1,483.00 1024/256 Kbps Unlimited $35,592.00
Satellite 1024/512 Kbps Unlimited $1,826.00 1024/512 Kbps Unlimited $43,824.00
Satellite 2048/256 Kbps Unlimited $2,624.00 2048/256 Kbps Unlimited $62,976.00
Satellite 2048/512 Kbps Unlimited $2,967.00 2048/512 Kbps Unlimited $71,208.00
Satellite 2048/768 Kbps Unlimited $3,309.00 2048/768 Kbps Unlimited $79,416.00
Satellite 2048/1024 Kbps Unlimited $3,651.00 2048/1024 Kbps Unlimited $87,624.00
Satellite 3072/512 Kbps Unlimited $4,108.00 3072/512 Kbps Unlimited $98,592.00
Satellite 3072/768 Kbps Unlimited $4,450.00 3072/768 Kbps Unlimited $106,800.00
Satellite 3072/1024 Kbps Unlimited $4,792.00 3072/1024 Kbps Unlimited $115,008.00
Satellite 4096/512 Kbps Unlimited $5,249.00 4096/512 Kbps Unlimited $125,976.00
Satellite 4096/1024 Kbps Unlimited $5,933.00 4096/1024 Kbps Unlimited $142,392.00
Plan DescriptionMonthly AccessSpeed (Down/Up)Included DownloadsMinimum Charge for
24 Month Contract
SymSatellite 256 Kbps Unlimited $750.00 256/256 Kbps Unlimited $18,000.00
SymSatellite 512 Kbps Unlimited $1,465.00 512/512 Kbps Unlimited $35,160.00

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Satellite Dishes

To connect to our Satellite service you need to purchase a dish upon provisioning of the service. We recommend and supply both 1.2 and 1.8 meter dishes from LinkStar. Depending on location and weather conditions a 1.2 meter dish should be efficient enough for most locations. If your area is prone to rain/tropical storms a 1.8 meter dish is recommended.

Please find below pricing for our satellite dishes, please note these prices do not include installation.

Dish NameSize (Meters)Cost
Satellite LinkStar 1.2 1.2 $4,995.00
Satellite LinkStar 1.8 1.8 $6,172.00

Can I get satellite?

Our satellite service is available Australia wide, in both regional and metropolitan areas. As the beams from our satellite are focused on the more populated areas of Australia, the signals to regional areas are weaker and may require a 1.8 meter dish. Please refer above for dish pricing and below for an image of beam strength throughout Australia.

Satellite Coverage

What is involved with the setup?

As our satellite service contains many variables during the setup stages we cannot place a fixed price on the installation. The location and the structure of the site will determine the total cost once reviewed. For more information regarding our setup procedures and costing, please call us on 1300 001 337 or by using our online contact us form.