Vintek Business Connect

Vintek Business Connect (VBC) is a flexible, reliable and secure wide area networking solution. VBC connects sites across Australia using a variety of access technologies and is the 21st Century alternative to traditional Frame Relay and ISDN wide area networks.

What is Vintek Business Connect?

VBC is a 'private' IP network. Within such a network, traffic engineering is used to ensure optimal network performance - in terms of a very high data delivery ratio, a very low latency (or 'round trip transit delay'), and minimal latency variation (or 'jitter').

These parameters combine to provide the necessary 'Quality of Service' to meet the demanding requirements of internal business networks.

The Vintek Business Connect private IP network has multiple levels of security, including physical POP security, strict authentication requirements and L2TP traffic separation. This security is fully managed by Vintek staff.

What are the advantages?

Vintek Business Connect solutions are tailored to meet the exact requirements of individual corporate customers.

This includes:


Pricing and extended information

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