Dial Up Internet

Welcome to Vintek's dial-up internet pricing page. We offer professional Internet dial-up access right across Australia. Calling is at local call rates, with pricing starting from as little as $10.00 per month. With Vintek you get local call access and local support at great prices!

General Information

Vintek offers the latest and greatest when it comes to dialup services, all our dialup plans are accessible through any phone connected in Australia! Our dialup accounts can be accessed with 33.6k and 56k modems, and also using dial-up ISDN, at no extra cost!

All plans are subject to our Acceptable Use Policy and Terms and Conditions; please make sure you have read these before ordering any service.

Dial Up Plans

Dialup ServiceHours per MonthMonthly AccessSession LimitIdle TimeoutFixed IPChannels Supported
E-Mail + Internet Plan 10 Hours $10.00 8 Hours 1 Hours No 1
Unlimited Modem Unlimited $24.95 8 Hours 1 Hours No 1
Professional Single Service Unlimited $44.95 No No Yes 1
Professional Dual Service Unlimited $89.95 No No Yes 2
Business Dial Service Unlimited $179.95 No No Yes 4

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