Professional Naked ADSL

Vintek offer a wide range of professional ADSL plans at very competitive prices. Our plans feature speeds ranging from 1500k all the way up to 20000k. With all our data allowance options, features and high quality service - we have a plan to suit every internet guru's needs.

What is a Naked DSL Service?

Naked DSL is an ADSL2+ broadband Internet connection that doesn't require a traditional phone (landline) service. This means you no longer have to pay a monthly phone rental fee to get broadband.

How does Naked DSL work?

When you apply for a Naked DSL service the phone line is shifted from Telstra to our network. This removes the ability to make voice calls over your phone line as there is no dial tone (this will affect fax machine, EFTPOS machines, Monitored Alarms and other services as well). If you wish to make call on a "normal" telephone then you will need to obtain a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service. This will allow you to save money and make cheap phone calls.

Do I need any additional hardware?

Not really, any standard ADSL2+ modem will work on any Naked DSL service. In fact, any ADSL modem will work. However, if it not an ADSL2+ modem then you will not benefit from the maximum speed available to you. So if you have a favourite modem and it is ADSL2+ compatible then you can use it.

If you wish to obtain a VoIP service then you will need to purchase some additional hardware. Please see our page on VoIP services for our hardware recommendations.

Vintek have a full range of hardware available that will work with all our services in a variety of different scenarios.

Can I get Naked DSL?

This is a new and emerging technology. As present there are some restrictions as to who is eligible, but improvements will be made in the future.

Please note that in the case of customers who live in an apartment building, unit complexes, or any other multi-dwelling unit (MDU), Naked ADSL will only be connected to your building’s Main Distribution Frame (MDF). It is then your responsibility to arrange and pay for a licensed cabler to connect the service from the MDF to a socket in your premises. Permission and access for the cabler will be required from your Property Management Supervisor or equivalent. Please ensure that you have organised such permissions prior to submitting your application to Vintek.

Professional Naked ADSL Plans

Great value Naked ADSL available on Agile enabled exchanges.

 Monthly CostPlan Speed (1)Plan Quota (2, 3, 4)Minimum Charge for
1 Month Contract
Minimum Charge for
24 Month Contract
Cost per GB
PROFESSIONAL NAKED 250GB AGATE             $69.99
20000/1000 KKbps 250GB $198.99 $1758.76  $0.28

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Contract Options

The following contract options are currently available:

  • New Install - Choose this option if your service is a brand new DSL service.
  • Relocation - Choose this option if you require your existing Vintek provided DSL service to be moved to another location.
 1 Month Contract (5)24 Month Contract (6)
New Service $129.00 $79.00
Relocation $99.00 $0.00 (7)

Important Information

  1. Naked Extreme services are available on over 140 Agile enabled exchanges across Australia; with a maximum speed of 20000/1000 Kbps and no guaranteed minimum speed. Maximum possible speed obtainable depends on the length and quality of your phone line from your telephone exchange as well as the type of ADSL modem you are using. Vintek does not guarantee that customers who select the 20000 Kbps services will be able to obtain the full quoted speed.
  2. Only downloads are counted toward your plan quota. Uploads are not counted toward your quota. These plans are not eligible for unmetered data inclusions.
  3. A single static IP address is provided that is retained by us upon termination of service.
  4. There are no excess charges - if you exceed your plan quota we simply shape your speed to 512/Unshaped Kbps for the remainder of your internet month. If you do exceed your quota you can purchase a data block to add additional quota to your plan for that month.
  5. If you decide to cancel your monthly contract at any time no termination fees will be incurred.
  6. If you decide to cancel your service during the 24 month contract period then an early termination fee will apply. For cancellations made during the first 1-6 months of the contract term the early termination fee is $300.00, reducing to $225.00 for cancellations made the first 7-12 months of contract, $150.00 for cancellations made during the first 13-18 months of contract, and $100 for cancellations made during the last 19-24 months of the contract. Cancellations made after the 24 month contract period incur no termination fees.
  7. If you plan to move premises you can choose either no relocation fee with a new 24 month contract or a $99.00 relocation fee, with any existing contract term carried across to your new premises.

Other Information

  • Activation periods may vary from 3-6 weeks.
  • If you have a current ADSL service and you wish to convert your service to a naked ADSL service then you must first cancel your ADSL service and reapply for a new Naked ADSL service. You will be without internet for approximately 3-6 weeks whilst provisioning occurs.
  • Naked DSL services do not have a dial tone and therefore cannot be used for making or receiving phone calls unless a VOIP service is requested. VoIP services are available from Vintek as part of the Naked ADSL sign up process.
  • A 10 hour dialup account is included with each account, with excess hours charged at $1.00 per hour in arrears. Upgrade to 300 hours of dial up access for an extra $10.00 p/month.
  • 50MB of personal webspace is included with each account.
  • No regional surcharge (Same access prices for any area we cover, metro or regional)
  • If service terms and conditions are changed, customers will be permitted to cease using service without penalty if new conditions are not accepted.
  • Please be aware that if you are currently in contract with your current supplier you may be charged by them for breaking contract or disconnection fees. Please check this before you apply.
  • Account is paid monthly in advance via Credit Card, BPAY, Cheque, Cash, Money Order, etc.

Terms and Conditions & ADSL Service Specifications

Please ensure you have read, understood and agree with our Terms and Conditions & ADSL Service Specifications before you order these products.