Capability Statement

Vintek is an Australian based and Australian owned IT consulting firm committed to making technology work for our clients. Our aim is to provide the most cost effective, long term solution for our clients’ needs. We consult to many organisational structures across Australia of varying sizes.

Vintek also runs its own data centre in its Adelaide location at 108 King William Street.  Vintek has continually expanded this data centre and provides cloud and other services from its location.

The Vintek data centre also has a demonstration IBM PureFlex next generation server/storage/networking and management system.

The Vintek data centre network also runs a production version of OpenFlow and SDN VE for the core networking – with Vintek being the first production OpenFlow location in Australia/New Zealand and the first production implementation of IBM SDN VE in the world.

Vintek have developed its integrated solutions to be best of breed and to incorporate latest technologies that are robust, relaible and high performance.  At Vintek we partner with our chosen industry leaders to ensure that we deliver quality, prompt and expert service. All our recommended solutions have undergone thorough research and development testing to be sure that installed solutions are suitable for the client’s unique environment.  In essence we want to be “cutting edge” and not “bleeding edge”.  Every effort is made to ensure that our clients have sufficient options available in the future to enable the most to be gained from the infrastructure and solution we recommend.

At Vintek we not only provide network consulting but also provide numerous other synergistic solutions, including our own data centre with cloud services, wired and wireless data and voice services for the small to medium and midsized business markets.

We understand and know the problems and frustrations that can be experienced when hardware and software do not perform to your expectations. We take the extra time to be sure that we understand your needs and research the current available options, so you can be confident that your business will operate more efficiently and productively as a result of your decision to purchase through us.

At Vintek we provide solutions which work. We don't sacrifice quality for price (even if we have to miss the sale contract as a result) and we back the companies and products we recommend with service and ethical business practices.

In the end it's about you - the client.  Without you we don't exist and we exist for you.  We want to add value to your business and build long-term relationships with you.


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