Limitless IT

What does it mean to have Limitless IT?

With the fast-evolving world of IT there has been major shifts in the whole of society over recent years.

The expectation of people has increased in leaps and bounds as technology has enabled people and organisations to offer an ever increasing diversity of ways to connect and "do things".

Along with this explosing in technology has come the ability to "scale" your solution depending on demand.  Wouldn't it be great to only pay for the number of active users who use the system in the month?  That way if you scale up or down - you're able to only pay for what you use - and not have to provision and pay for the largest number you could possibly have in the next three or four years.  Wouldn't this be great if it applied to voice as well as data?

Well that day is here.

Is your workforce seasonal?  Do you need to dynamically scale up and down - and only pay for the resources you use - whilst having high availability and dynamic management?

With Limitless IT Vintek gives you the ability to scale up or down depending on your business needs.  If you grow rapidly and need to expand your infrastructure as you go Vintek have a solution that can dynamically grow with you.

It's all based on our IBM Pure system - the next generation of integrated servers, storage and switching that truly allows you to have Limitless IT.

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