High uptime – or down and out?

It’s not like anyone actually welcomes downtime, but in the past, many businesses could tolerate the occasional blip without major dramas. Fast forward to 2015, and ITIC reports that a significant majority (79% and rising) of businesses demand a minimum of 99.99% uptime.

A big part of the change is thanks to changed working practices. After all, nobody wants to be trying to work from home (or, worse, a customer site), only to have their efforts thwarted because they can’t access the applications they need. It is no news, either, that the 24/7 business environment has spread beyond online retailers and banks to almost every type of organisation.

With that increase comes higher expectations – and lower loyalty. In online retail, a few moments of unavailability results in customers clicking elsewhere. In fact, even increasing page load speed from five to three seconds results in a twenty percent higher rate of converting visits to sales. Add to that the importance of avoiding frustration and inefficiency among your workforce, and it is a wonder the uptime demands aren’t even higher.

Lenovo’s x86 servers, recently added to their portfolio, have the highest availability rating of all x86 based servers, with IBM’s z-series performing strongly in the top end price bracket. With human error (44%) and overworked staff among the most common reasons for downtime, it is not just the reliability of the servers that is under the spotlight, but the ease with which they can be managed to attain the best results.

That’s why Lenovo’s ‘building blocks’ approach makes a lot of sense. Putting together mix and match components that just fit together without fuss and management headaches is a boost of overall reliability numbers. After all, they have to work in real businesses in a very competitive real world, where the goalposts often shift too fast to rely on more cumbersome options.

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