To Cloud, or not to Cloud – is that still the question?

For many Australian businesses, navigating the cloud era has been less like the excited promises of gushing vendors, and more like a minefield. It is perhaps Australian nature to be a bit cynical about something so hyped. When the chatter is more in-your-face than the Barmy Army at Ashes time, we don’t just take it at face value. We have to scrutinise information to see what will help us clean bowl the opposition, and what is just noise.

That is not to say that cloud doesn’t deliver on many of the promises, more that you don’t have to hit every ball that comes your way. As in cricket, knowing when to leave an IT opportunity alone and when to smash it out of the park is part of winning. That decision – when to wait, or to leave it altogether – depends as much on the organisation as the technology.

Pretty much every customer, whether business, not-for-profit or government, benefits from some variety of cloud. The trick to getting it right comes down to having a clear idea of what you want to achieve, what technology can get you there – and what suits the personality of your organisation. It also comes down to knowing your environment – both in terms of industry and location – inside out.

We aim to take a common-sense approach, so we’re not about to tell you to just take a wild plunge and throw out your datacentre in favour of one of the big public cloud providers (in any case, that would be a costly option once you look at the ongoing costs). It might sound as exciting as some of the media articles, but what we do involves getting to know your business, spending time assessing things like data sovereignty requirements and where you need to get value from existing infrastructure.

If that means driving out to your premises a few hours away, that is what we do (and no, we don’t charge you for travel time). After all, if you’re entrusting your data to the cloud, it is only right that you should know who you’re dealing with on the ground. Perhaps it is a part of being South Australian owned and based, but in a time when other IT companies are shrinking and we are growing, we know that going the extra few hundred kilometres works. In fact, we find that helps us recruit the passionate IT people and avoid the slick sales reps.

The question today is almost certainly not whether to take advantage of cloud technology, but how, and who to work with to make it happen your way. It might be private cloud (Lenovo have some awesome cloud-in-a-box options that keep it simple), with remote backups to a trusted provider. It may be that as your infrastructure ages, IaaS becomes the most viable option. A blend of a few options, mixed to suit your circumstances, could prove the winning formula. Getting it right is not a matter of swinging at everything that is bowled your way, it is about holding a steady bat and using skill, experience and the strongest team to spot the right opportunities.

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We promise straight talk and no hype.


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