Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme for Non-For-Profits Key points

“I wasn’t aware that GDPR affected my component of the business….” (attendee on the day)

Data is perhaps the most understated commodity our world leverages today. We’ve moved from a physical, asset heavy transaction model and migrated to a digital first, data driven world. Whether we like it or not, the amount of data we collect and store is growing exponentially by the day as new technologies revolutionises the processes we use to interact with our stakeholders. This can be as simple as the communications we send out to our customers, product and sales information we collect from customers, potential new employers that our HR team are collecting and business critical financials our team leverage. Behind this is the wealth of applications we leverage and the different pieces of IT infrastructure we have to power these into fruition.

The ability to leverage the data we collect to help us make the most informed decisions is one of the big wins of the new world we live in. However, there are some that also leverage in the wrong means and for the wrong reasons. Cyber-attacks have started and continued to defraud and rob Australian business’ of millions of dollars. System failures due to old hardware/software has often corrupted and lost many of the data we spend collecting forcing us to start from day 1. Our customers are also starting to be educated on the dangers of what organisations could be leveraging their data for.

The globe has started to take notice and regulations pertaining to the General Data Protection Regulations and the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme (for Australian businesses) are putting firm regulatory processes in place to ensure business’ take the most seldom care to protect the data they leverage and hold of their customers. (For more on this please tune into our next blog series: Know, Manage and Protect your personal data).

Vintek, supported by Veeam and Fortinet were delighted to be able to bring this conversation to the table amongst several key Non-For-profit executives to understand how they were approaching the topic of data privacy and to share some of expertise and framework in how to tackle the issue.

Hosted and chaired by Vintek Director Paul Vinton, we covered the topic at large – the impacts to your business if this isn’t addressed, specific processes around an “Emergency Response Plan” in the event of a breach & the importance knowing what data you hold, where it exists and how you protect it.

The largest consensus around the impact of a data breach was the implications on reputation and trust donors and stakeholders may have on the perception of their business operations. Trust is a understated, undermeasured indicator of relationships that has wide impacts around revenue generation and service/solution delivery if not addressed.

Vintek (in partnership with Veeam and Fortinet) are working with organisations to ensure your constituents continue to trust your business through the delivery of comprehensive and innovative solutions.


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Disclaimer: This post outlines the key outcomes and topics covered at our event held on the 2nd of May 2018 at Chianti in Adelaide. Specific references based on attendee feedback pertained to their business/operating models and challenges will not be disclosed publicly without the permission of the attendee. For a more in-depth discussion around any of the topics please connect directly with the team at Vintek.

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