Need to serve a lot of web sites or run high bandwidth applications that require your own dedicated server?

Vintek can provide you with servers with CPU from 1 to 32 CPU’s and up to 1TB of RAM.

Why choose Vintek for your dedicated server?

Vintek Dedicated Servers provide an Australian dedicated server solution to meet your needs. Our dedicated servers help you provide your customers with your own customised and controlled solutions. Web and email hosting has never been easier for you to keep track of, as well as controlling your own and your customers’ web sites with your own dedicated server provided by Vintek. Dedicated Servers have many other uses including off site backups, game servers and online storage.

Vintek Dedicated Server packages come with a range of features that empower you with the functionality and reliability of your dedicated service. These features are included as standard:

  • A high speed dedicated server customised to your needs and is reserved just for your use.
  • Multiple high-speed connections to separate backbone providers.
  • Complete hardware coverage: if it breaks, we will fix it fast.
  • Optional Remote Reboot Ports so you can re-boot your server at any time.

Available Dedicated Server Options

Each Vintek Dedicated Server is provided to meet your exact needs. Our hardware is fully redundant and we only use tier 1 providers.

We can supply any Operating System you wish, whether it be Linux, Freebsd, Windows 2008 or 2012.  All systems can contain any of the latest CPU’s as well budget ranges for less demanding solutions. We can supply AMD Athlon, AMD 64bit, Intel Celeron, Intel Pentium 4, Intel Xeon and many more. Our servers can also contain as much hard drive space, as much RAM (whether it be registered or standard) and as much data bandwidth as you require!

If you would like to contact us for a quotation or a general enquiry please feel free to phone our sales team on 1300 001 337 or send your requirements via our online form which is located here.

  • Each account/server comes with 1 IP address.
  • Port fee/Server rental, billed monthly in advance.
  • Data Usage, billed monthly in arrears.
  • Extra IP’s available at $5.00 per IP per month.

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