Vintek offer a Disaster Recovery solution that will make you feel confident that your information/data is backed up and safe in the time of a disaster. If your data is mission critical there is no excuse for not having a reliable Disaster Recovery solution.

Have you ever considered how much revenue could be lost through your systems being down? How would you cope if you could not process customer details, invoices, take orders, access database information or even more?

System backups are often poorly managed with maybe one person tasked with changing backup tapes, often with these tapes then stored in the same building. The reliability of the backup tape is rarely checked. Even if someone takes the backup tape home, should your company suffer a data loss it can be very time consuming to retrieve the files and place them all back in the right places.

That’s when the reality becomes apparent – the tape is old, files are missing, the back-up has not been running properly, or that tape has been damaged in some way and the files are corrupted.

Many companies think it won’t happen to them, but when it does, there is the potential to lose several days or months revenue whilst trying to sort the mess out. This is when they suddenly and belatedly review their back-up procedures.

Disaster Recovery by Vintek solves this mission-critical issue by providing an actively monitored backup solution through a variety of means. We have designed a broad range of Disaster Recovery packages to safeguard your critical systems. All of our Disaster Recovery solutions include regular data testing to ensure the integrity and consistency of your critical data. Our Data Recovery solutions range from taking snapshot images of data and configuration to a complete offsite disaster recovery design located at one of our secure data centres. This will ensure a rapid recovery and minimal business disruption in the event of an unforseen disaster.