Backup Mail

Every business depends more and more upon receiving every email that is sent to you.  What would happen if your main mail server went offline for any reason?  Would your clients and suppliers receive a NDR (non-delivery report) – causing damage to your reputation and possible loss of business?

Vintek’s secure & fast backup mail solution will help keep all your mission critical emails safe and available.

What is backup mail and why do I need it?

Vintek’s backup mail services gives you access to two email servers for complete email redundancy.

If your mail server cannot be reached then your email is sent to our backup mail servers. Once it reaches our servers it sits in a queue and continually checks to see if your mail server is back online and is available. When your mail server is back online the queued mail is then quickly delivered to your mail server. Our backup mail service will keep attempting to deliver mail to your server for up to 14 days!

Note: You “do not” need to use Vintek’s DNS for your domain to use our backup mail services. You can add the appropriate records for your domain on your current DNS servers.

Available Backup Mail Options

Service Price Billing & Conditions
Backup Mail $385.00 Per Year, Per Domain
  • All services incur a $49.50 setup if the domain is not already hosted by Vintek.

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