Vintek can offer you DNS hosting for a minimal fee per year.  Our DNS servers are located in Adelaide and the USA – giving you compete coverage and redundancy.

What is DNS and what does it do?

DNS, otherwise know as Domain Name System, is a like an “internet phone book”; it converts human readable names such as and translates them to numerical values which are stored on the DNS server to retrieve the right webpage/content. DNS is essential for every domain name on the internet.

Our DNS hosting service is managed and monitored by our technical staff 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to make sure your website is accessible anywhere, anytime.

All DNS services, including primary and secondary hold the following attributes:

  • Geographically separated servers. Both primary and secondary servers are monitored and provided in Australia and the USA.
  • Server monitoring and automated systems to watch specified domain names. If they become unreachable – we make sure your domain’s secondary DNS kicks in immediately – keeping your website online all the time.
  • Access to request DNS changes on your domain 24/7 via a simple web form.

With Vintek’s Secondary DNS service you no longer have to hope and wonder “Is my name server/website still up?” – even if yours isn’t, ours are, and will continue to host DNS for your domain.

Available DNS Options

Type Registration Period Price
Primary & Secondary 1 Year $66.00