Domain Names

Vintek offer a variety of domain names for you or your business to use when registering. From .com to – we have a domain for you.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is a specific address on the internet which people can use to reach you in many ways. A domain name can be used for website access, email access, mailboxes and even a file transfer (ftp) site.

For example – our domain name, has many useful resources attached to it, these include:

  • Our main website, which you are currently surfing.
  • Email accounts for clients and visitors to contact us – these include, and These accounts are used for abuse reports, support requests and sales queries – making it easy to manage requests.
  • Subdomains such as which can redirect to other parts of your website, such as ours which redirects to one of our software productions.

With many more other advantages of having a domain name, the possibilities are endless – to speak to someone from our sales team regarding what you can do with your domain name please contact us.

Available Domain Names

Domain Registration Period Price
.com 1 Year $33.00
.net 1 Year $33.00
.org 1 Year $33.00
.info 1 Year $33.00
.biz 1 Year $33.00
.co 1 Year $77.00 2 Years $155.00 2 Years $155.00 2 Years $155.00 2 Years $155.00 2 Years $155.00 2 Years $155.00 2 Years $155.00 2 Years $155.00 2 Years $77.00 2 Years $77.00