Tired of your staff wasting valuable time deleting unwanted emails?

Scared of the impact of staff being forced to view unacceptable emails? Need an organisation-wide incoming mail anti-SPAM and anti-virus solution?

Mail Filtering

Figures show that almost 90% of email on the internet to day is SPAM. SPAM is a major issue facing every business on the internet today.

Vintek have spent many years developing an advanced anti-SPAM solution for your email. Quickly and simply Vintek can take control of your incoming mail and filter your mail for you, blocking those unwanted emails and viruses before they get to your network. The best news is there are minimal changes you need to make – we can sort it all for you!

The Vintek Mail Filtering Solution:

  • Uses multiple virus databases – meaning that the likelihood of virus files even getting to your network is very remote.
  • Uses over eighteen of the most effective anti-SPAM applications and methodologies and integrates them into a seamless appliance that actively blocks spam from your network.
  • Uses a heuristic scanner that learns from all mail to every client passing through the system. This is incredibly effective in reducing spam and only gets better and more effective as time goes on.
  • Uses the most effective “blacklists” on the internet. These lists are updated daily and, when used correctly with the right “scoring”, represent a powerful spam-fighting tool.
  • Uses and advanced greylisting system. Greylisting is essentially where you tell people who have connected to you for the first time in a while to go away and come back after a small period of time. It is a very effective means of spam reduction.
  • Uses advanced “scoring”. To help reduce false-hits (i.e. falsely blocking a message as spam) we use a scoring system that is completely customisable. Again this is very effective.
  • Is a complete organisation-wide solution.
  • Is not licensed based on users. There is no limit on the number of users this system will filter for.

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