Incredible Flex

The Incredible Flex

Remember as a kid, marveling at how, no matter what happened to him, the Incredible Hulk could heal himself in moments. Who didn’t wish they could recover from even the worst playground scrape before anyone could even think of fetching the band aids? Well, while human superpowers are yet to join our solutions set, there is a self-forming, self-healing option for networks that is an impressive IT equivalent.

There may be no comic book devoted to it, but FlexSystem has become the hero in a lot of datacentres, thanks to levels of flexibility that would put Plastic Man to shame. Like any comic-worthy hero, though, there has to be more than just one amazing strength. High-performance Ethernet and converged networking switches pack a serious punch, and the on-demand scalability lends an impressive ka-pow factor.

As you’d expect, an array of communication technologies are offered – take your pick from Ethernet, Ethernet Fabrics, InfiniBand and Fiber Channel. It is when you look at the possibilities when you throw technologies like Virtual Cluster Switching (VCS) Fabric from Brocade into the mix. What emerges is an ultra-elastic, intelligent network that automatically aware of all devices, making adding and scaling as quick as Clark Kent’s changing act in a phone booth – and a whole lot more comfortable.

For more about self-healing networks, it is worth taking a look at Beth O’Shea’s Lenovo blog piece, or contact us on 1300 001 337. After all, given the pressure on IT departments to do more with less, who doesn’t need some superpowers under their cape?