Vintek Business Technologies

Vintek have a selection of technologies to connect your business to each site, data centres and the internet.

Vintek are a wholesale partner to most major carriers and can tailor a private solution to you, with express routes to Azure, AWS of private data centres as required.


Vintek provide a full Broadsoft based cloud phone system.

Why Cloud?

When you take you phone system to the cloud you get the ultimate in flexibility, redundancy and connectability.

How it works?

Our Broadsoft based systems runs in our cloud based in Melbourne and Sydney.  We can connect all your sites to our cloud system either by public internet (through a tunnel) or on a private link.  You can also have handsets connecting from public internet connections (such as your home connection) as an extension on the Broadsoft system.

Do I need hardware?

Well, this all depends on how you want to use your cloud based phone system. You can connect a compatible phone handset or alternatively you can use either a Broadsoft computer based or mobile based app.

How do I sign up?

Chat with one of our friendly staff and we will walk you through the process and requirements.

Office Connect is a flexible, reliable and secure wide area networking solution. Office Connect connects sites across Australia privately using a variety of access technologies and is the 21st Century wide area network solution.

What is Office Connect?

Office Connect is a ‘private’ IP network. Within such a network, traffic engineering is used to ensure optimal network performance – in terms of a very high data delivery ratio, a very low latency (or ’round trip transit delay’), and minimal latency variation (or ‘jitter’).

These parameters combine to provide the necessary ‘Quality of Service’ to meet the demanding requirements of internal business networks.

The Office Connect private IP network has multiple levels of security, including physical POP security, strict authentication requirements and L2TP traffic separation. This security is fully managed by Vintek staff.

What are the advantages?

Office Connect solutions are tailored to meet the exact requirements of individual corporate customers.

This includes:

  • Flexible network topologies; ranging from a traditional virtual circuit ‘Layer 2’ approach through to a fully routed ‘Layer 3’ internetwork.
  • A variety of high-speed access technologies; ranging from cost-effective NBN services, through to high performance optical fibre, radio and other technologies. Critical business sites may use 4/5G backup services for redundancy.
  • Access to our world-class Intervolve Data Centre; for connection to co-located equipment, managed servers, data storage systems or firewalled Internet.
  • Equipment services including design, supply, configuration and maintenance of class leading Fortinet networking equipment.
  • Optional ad-hoc ‘secure roaming’ access – for mobile staff, management and teleworkers – through our well-proven Virtual Private Network service.
  • Dynamic Class of Service for applications with differing network requirements (for example, voice and video over IP).

Pricing and extended information

If you wish to organise a free consultancy with one of our qualified consultants, please contact us at your earliest convenience.