Vintek can provide corporate and ISP grade fibre internet services for your organisation.  

Whether you are a small, medium or large sized organisation, accessing the internet is now a mission-critical solution that organisations demand.
Vintek's fibre internet solutions provide a simple, highly available, cost effective, fully managed solution for high speed Internet.

Our internet services range from 2Mbps to over 1Gbps of fibre.  Vintek has partnering arrangements with other International backbone providers to
ensure that Internet traffic always reaches its destination as reliably as possible.

Vintek fibre plan:

The Vintek Fibre Plan offers a range of speeds to suit businesses individual requirements where users can download as much content as required - all for a fixed monthly fee.


With Vintek Fibre Internet services, as your organisation grows and your bandwidth requirements increase, you can select the speeds and services you need for each site and adjust them as required.


Fibre is one of the most relaible forms of data connection, backed by leading guarantees.