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What is VoIP, Voice over IP?

Voice Over IP, VoIP, or put simply "using the internet for a voice telephone call" has emerged into mainstream telecoms. Using relatively simple technology, the services and providers are now in place which can now deliver a reliable, high-quality solution at very low cost.

Background Information

Most businesses and individuals who are internet users now have broadband connections to the internet. Users can spend all day downloading data from the other side of the world at no added cost. And yet, when those same users make a phone call they are charged by the minute or second, whether the call is national or international. In practice the data may well travel over exactly the same route, on the same wires, owned by the same people. Only the billing mechanism and price is different. Voice over IP simply routes the telephone call over the internet connection.

Another attractive VoIP application for many businesses would be to connect home workers and sub-offices. The only on-going cost at each site would be the charge for an always-on internet connection. The remote sites could use the internet connection to log-in to the main office network and also run their telephones as extensions to the main office phone system.

Internet Connection

In principle you can use Voice over IP to communicate with anyone else on the internet that is similarly equipped, or has VoIP software on their computer.

A single voice call requires at least 64Kbps of the connection. What this means is that a minimum ADSL-type internet connection can carry up to 4 simultaneous VoIP calls. For more concurrent calls, a bigger broadband internet connection is required.

Suitable connection types include:

Voice over IP, VoIP Phones

VoIP Phones connect directly to your network via an ethernet connection and provide quick and easy access to internet based telephony. For this type of phone, a gateway is not required.

VoIP Gateways

A Voice over IP Gateway is a device which connects a standard telephone or other device (such as a fax machine) to a computer network or internet connection.

Example Voice over IP Configurations:

Simple Connection:

Communication Voice Office Telephone Systems A

The above diagram is Voice over IP in its simplest form. It shows how to route a Voice over IP call using either a VoIP phone or a standard handset.

Voice over IP Phone System:

Communication Voice Office Telephone Systems B

The above diagram shows how a Voice over IP phone system can be arranged to place both VoIP and standard telephone calls. A Voice over IP phone system offers a business the full benefits of a professional call handling system such as call transfer, call queuing and auto-attendants.

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