Vintek Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme Event

Recap – Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme for NFPs

“I wasn’t aware that GDPR affected my component of the business….” (attendee on the day)

Vintek Pty Ltd (supported by Veeam and Fortinet) was delighted to host a forum with executives from the Non-For-Profit Sector around the recent regulation changes to data privacy (Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme) and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will affect their operations and to understand what they are doing to address the data privacy.

Several different topics were covered including:

  • Data protection through firstly knowing where your data is, what types of data you hold and where you store it.
  • Data protection through mitigation of breach through proper security practices, protocols and processes.
  • Development of an Emergency Response Plan (in the event of a breach)

For a more comprehensive read on each of the different topics you can read the following articles:

  1. Full recap of the event – why do we need to take a serious look at our data
  2. Know, Manage and Protect your personal data
  3. Steps you can take to comply and mitigate risk.

For a more comprehensive understanding, please contact us for a secure appointment.

Disclaimer: This post outlines the key outcomes and topics covered at our event held on the 2nd of May 2018 at Chianti in Adelaide. Specific references based on attendee feedback pertained to their business/operating models and challenges will not be disclosed publicly without the permission of the attendee. For a more in-depth discussion around any of the topics please connect directly with the team at Vintek.


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