Risk Mitigation

Prudent management is about return on investment, adding value and mitigating risk. 

The IT world is full of risk, from both inside and outside an organisation. These risks are ever present and need to be mitigated to a reasonable level. In our experience over 70% of clients do not have an effective risk mitigation strategy - or even a clear understanding what risks their necessary use of IT presents to their business.

What is the risk if a disgruntled employee leaves and deletes all their email? What is the risk if that same employee takes your valuable IP with them? How do you mitigate this risk?

What about the cloud - how much risk is involved with a cloud offering today - and how can you engage the cloud but minimise the risk involved - along with balancing costs?

How do you ascertain how vulnerable you actually are to threats from the internet - and work towards securing and minimising that risk?

What is the risk to your organisation if there was a complete compromise of your data network?  Recently there have been huge examples of the cost to organisations who haven't sufficiently addressed that risk, let alone the permanent damage inflicted on their reputation.

These are just some examples of how Vintek can help your organisation with risk mitigation.  Being industry experts involved to all levels of business - from small to enterprise and government - we understand how you can mitigate your risk to an acceptable level whilst balancing cost and outcomes. We have consulted to organisations from large legal firms, financial services companies and medical organisations to helping small business minimise their exposure and risk with IT.

Talk to one of our industry experts today on how we can help you with risk mitigation.