IT Services

IT Consulting

Vintek can provide your organisation with network consulting services whether you are planning/installing a new network or expanding/maintaining an existing network. All Vintek consultants are highly-trained and are backed by over 25 years of industry experience.

Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance Contracts were designed by Vintek to provide your business with a reliable, cost effective service which allows us to monitor, support and repair any IT related problems within your business. If you need 24/7 monitoring and support, a Maintenance Contract is the solution for your business.


What is cloud computing? Cloud computing allows organisations to rent or subscribe to data storage and computing capacity, rather than purchase and maintain equipment and software needed to store it themselves.


Looking for secure and reliable Adelaide based datacenter? Vintek can provide solutions from co-location facilities to renting of servers and storage. Our datacenter is located in Adelaide with fiber running and DR facilities also available. This will provide your organisation with the maximum up-time with guaranteed 99.999%.


Security is an ever-increasing area of IT management that demands expertise to reduce risk.

Business Continuity and Resilience

For your business ongoing success involves business continuity and resilience. If you are looking to keep your critical IT infrastructure operating under almost any conditions Vintek can help you with business continuity and resiliency planning.

Social Media

Engagement with social media is the new norm for individuals of all ages. Understanding and using this technology tool can provide incredible advantages to your organisation. Misunderstanding social media can have disastrous results for the longevity and reputation of a business.

Integrated Communications

With the development of technology today the line between voice and data has become non-existent. Communications now fall within the IT space and are integrated into the IT environment.

Business Agility

Recently in the western world there was a shift from business driven IT to consumer driven IT. Business leaders bought consumer devices and demanded they be connected to corporate networks.