Vintek can provide your organisation with network consulting services whether you are planning/installing a new network or expanding/maintaining an existing network. All Vintek consultants are highly-trained and are backed by over 25 years of industry experience.

Vintek provide network consulting services to many organisations around Australia. Our consulting is involved from planning, installation, testing and maintaining IT networks. Our highly-trained network consultants are experienced in a wide range of network infrastructures and are backed by a deep talent pool, with over 25 years of extensive industry experience.

Vintek are experienced in networks ranging from small single-office networks to multi-site interstate wide area networks. If you’re looking for help planning or deploying your network infrastructure, or even help maintaining or optimising your existing network, then talk to Vintek and Get it Right First Time.

Vintek consultants have extensive experience with all types of network solutions and can tailor a consulting solution to best fit your individual networking needs.

Maintenance Contracts were designed by Vintek to provide your business with a reliable, cost effective service which allows us to monitor, support and repair any IT related problems within your business. If you need 24/7 monitoring and support, a Maintenance Contract is the solution for your business.

Vintek provide complete maintenance contracts designed to keep your business running smoothly. Whether you require support at the end of the telephone, 24 hour call out, business critical support or any other support package in between, we have a plan to suit you and your business.

With over 25 years experience in the field of support and implementation, you can be sure that your IT infrastructure is safe in our hands.

Vintek maintenance contracts are a fixed cost, guaranteed response and proactive service where your computer network is actively maintained and monitored throughout the contract period. From a single server to an entire network, Vintek has the maintenance contract to suit your needs.

Our custom network monitoring system actively monitors your network 24x7x365 to ensure your network stays in the best health possible. Our proprietary alerting system means our engineers will respond to any impending situations, generally before our customers are even aware of any issue.

Our field and system engineers are highly experienced and qualified within the field of IT and are supported by our main workshop, which has been designed and constructed to the high standards expected of the modern Service Company and provides a speedy turnaround for both critical & standard equipment.

So for a complete end-to-end maintenance solution talk to Vintek and “Get it Right First Time”.

It’s not if you will be hacked – but when!  How much can you afford to lose?

In the digital age, what is the reality of a hack?

  • From 1996 – 2006, annual vulnerability disclosures grew from <100 to nearly 7,000[i]
  • Mobile malware grew 614% between March 2012 and March 2013[ii]
  • 97% of organizations have experienced malware attacks[iii]
  • Over ONE BILLION records with personally identifiable information were leaked or stolen in 2014![iv]


We all know that digital information is growing exponentially! According to Gartner, the volume of data you store will grow eightfold in just five years. How do you protect yourself and your organisational assets?

Given the shift to more mobile workplaces, where colleagues use their own devices to perform work-related tasks, often that data is far less contained than in the past. The Ponemon Institute found that over a third of employees exclusively use mobile devices to do their work. Couple that with the 61% of organisations who report that mobile devises have increased employee productivity, there is no turning back to a traditional desktop model.

Yet, most organisations experiencing productivity gains offset by a growing mobile risk profile. Approximately 52% reported that security practices on mobile devices have been sacrificed in order to improve employee productivity. More alarmingly, 30% of organisations still have absolutely no security features in place to support mobility![v]

Today’s organisations don’t only face a greater volume of attacks. Those incidents are changing in nature, becoming more coordinated and far more targeted at essential assets like customer databases, IP and even connected physical assets. Keeping track, ensuring compliance and countering threats becomes an even more complex task. As highlighted in the November 2014 Sony Pictures Entertainment hack, the nature of hacking and cybercrime is changing. Hacking is not restricted to the loner, but is carried out by large, sophisticated networks of individuals.

Fortunately, there are software options that provide a unified architecture to integrate security information and event management (SIEM), so that you can keep track painlessly. With the right security technology, cloud infrastructure actually provides organisations with a unique opportunity to enhance security. In fact, cloud-based security can be more automated, customisable and elastic than traditional perimeter defences and static point products.

A SIEM technology using both security analytics and forensics tools provide the increased capabilities to reduce false positives. With an every growing number of incidents the response team needs to prioritise and resolve the real threats in minutes. QRadar is the number one rated option for its ability to execute unified security and the completeness of vision, providing:

  • Advanced threat detection
  • Log management
  • Anomaly detection
  • Incident forensics
  • Vulnerability management
  • High risk detection in near real time
  • High priority incident detection
  • Full visibility of network, application and user activity
  • Automated regulatory compliance


And there is more good news

  • If a security incident can be resolved in less than 60 seconds, the remediation costs could be reduced by as much as 40%[vi]
  • 72% of converts to QRadar from other SIEM providers say the detection rate has increased or significantly increased as a result of the switch to QRadar[vii]

Vintek is South Australia’s only accredited IBM® QRadar® Security Intelligence Platform expert. Don’t be one of the 83% of organisations struggling to find the security skills they need.[viii]

Talk to Vintek to learn more about mitigating your organisational securing risks on 1300 001 337.


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For your business ongoing success involves business continuity and resilience.  If you are looking to keep your critical IT infrastructure operating under almost any conditions Vintek can help you with business continuity and resiliency planning.

A great white paper on business continuity and resilience from one of our key industry partners IBM can be found here.

With Vintek we help you mitigate the risks associated with business continuity and resilience for your critical IT infrastructure.

Our services take you from analysis, planning and design through implementation and management, with a strong commitment to understanding your ever-changing business IT requirements.

Talk to one of our consultants today on how Vintek can help manage and improve continuity and resilience for your IT systems.

Engagement with social media is the new norm for individuals of all ages. Understanding and using this technology tool can provide incredible advantages to your organisation.  Misunderstanding social media can have disastrous results for the longevity and reputation of a business.

Remember the 90’s? In the early 90’s few had heard of or used a web site. By the late 90’s most companies decided they needed a web site. Today it’s a necessity to get your information out there and is used by most clients and potential clients as a reference source for your products and services.

Today social media is already changing the rules of the marketplace and even toppling governments. Whilst no one can predict where it will go there is no doubt social media is having significant impact and there can be significant results from engaging with social media.

There are many examples of where organisations have successfully engaged with social media to enhance their profile and grow their business. A report by LinkedIn surveyed US consumers and found over 90% of affluent consumers engage in social media – a huge number and a great target market to engage.

A great introduction to what Twitter is can be found here – by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh – a great social media success story. Part of their story can be found here.

Vintek can help you with solutions and pathways to engage social media. If you’re looking for an internal social media solution for your organisation we have solutions that are industry standard.

With the development of technology today the line between voice and data has become non-existent. Communications now fall within the IT space and are integrated into the IT environment.

To maximise your communications you need to integrate communications into your data and desktop environment.

Voice based PABX systems now come with software to integrate them into the desktop and into your mobile devices such as your mobile phone, tablet and other devices.

Inbound calls can be transferred to remote workers via their connected devices. Calls can be dynamically transferred to a mobile device from a desktop phone. Calls can be routed to “follow me” from desk phone to mobile device.

Instant messaging is now integrated into most integrated communications solutions such as Microsoft Lync – giving you the benefit of being able to instantly communicate with some or all staff.

When you are looking at communications – talk to one of our experts on how you can deploy an integrated communications solution to empower your business.

Recently in the western world there was a shift from business driven IT to consumer driven IT.  Business leaders bought consumer devices and demanded they be connected to corporate networks.

This spurred the term “borderless networks” where anyone, anywhere, any time and on any device can connect to the organisation’s network.

The advent of “cloud” with consumer driven IT and borderless networks drove the need and ability for the IT of a business to become incredibly agile.

In a recent IBM survey 86% of business executives surveyed reported developing new offerings that rely on cloud solutions. Almost 75% reported an active participation in social technologies.  These factors didn’t exist even a short few years ago and now dominate the planning and implementations of most businesses.

As your world becomes more interconnected IT Business Agility is critical to meet the new demands from up and down scaling to meet business demands, ad-hoc workflows and short-lived situational applications. Market shifts are becoming more rapid and the need for business agility in your IT infrastructure is growing exponentially.

Talk to Vintek on how we can help you build Business Agility into the IT systems for your business.