Business Agility

Recently in the western world there was a shift from business driven IT to consumer driven IT.  Business leaders bought consumer devices and demanded they be connected to corporate networks.

This spurred the term "borderless networks" where anyone, anywhere, any time and on any device can connect to the organisation's network.

The advent of "cloud" with consumer driven IT and borderless networks drove the need and ability for the IT of a business to become incredibly agile.

In a recent IBM survey 86% of business executives surveyed reported developing new offerings that rely on cloud solutions. Almost 75% reported an active participation in social technologies.  These factors didn't exist even a short few years ago and now dominate the planning and implementations of most businesses.

As your world becomes more interconnected IT Business Agility is critical to meet the new demands from up and down scaling to meet business demands, ad-hoc workflows and short-lived situational applications. Market shifts are becoming more rapid and the need for business agility in your IT infrastructure is growing exponentially.

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