Integrated Communications

With the development of technology today the line between voice and data has become non-existent. Communications now fall within the IT space and are integrated into the IT environment.

To maximise your communications you need to integrate communications into your data and desktop environment.

Voice based PABX systems now come with software to integrate them into the desktop and into your mobile devices such as your mobile phone, tablet and other devices.

Inbound calls can be transferred to remote workers via their connected devices. Calls can be dynamically transferred to a mobile device from a desktop phone. Calls can be routed to "follow me" from desk phone to mobile device.

Instant messaging is now integrated into most integrated communications solutions such as Microsoft Lync - giving you the benefit of being able to instantly communicate with some or all staff.

When you are looking at communications - talk to one of our experts on how you can deploy an integrated communications solution to empower your business.