Social Media

Engagement with social media is the new norm for individuals of all ages. Understanding and using this technology tool can provide incredible advantages to your organisation.  Misunderstanding social media can have disastrous results for the longevity and reputation of a business.

Remember the 90's? In the early 90's few had heard of or used a web site. By the late 90's most companies decided they needed a web site. Today it's a necessity to get your information out there and is used by most clients and potential clients as a reference source for your products and services.

Today social media is already changing the rules of the marketplace and even toppling governments. Whilst no one can predict where it will go there is no doubt social media is having significant impact and there can be significant results from engaging with social media.

There are many examples of where organisations have successfully engaged with social media to enhance their profile and grow their business. A report by LinkedIn surveyed US consumers and found over 90% of affluent consumers engage in social media - a huge number and a great target market to engage.

A great introduction to what Twitter is can be found here - by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh - a great social media success story. Part of their story can be found here.

Vintek can help you with solutions and pathways to engage social media. If you're looking for an internal social media solution for your organisation we have solutions that are industry standard.