Riding the storage wave

Much has been made of the tidal wave of data that businesses have to cope with, and the focus on how to handle the onslaught. Perhaps, though, that is the wrong way to look at it. On average, organisations purchase 24 percent more storage each year, yet use less than half the capacity. This keeps the emphasis firmly on surviving, with a hefty portion of IT budgets, not to mention skilled time, spent managing data.

All that managing leaves little time for thinking about how to realise the value of data assets. Among the array of storage devices lurk the insights that can set your business apart – but extracting them has been problematic. If you’re still fighting that battle, it is probably time to take another look at storage options. After all, there aren’t enough hours in the day to keep increasing management time.

The new generation of storage devices, led by Lenovo’s Storwize range, does things rather differently. For starters, they make data virtualisation very easy, so you get to use every last bit of storage capacity you purchase. Management becomes a whole lot simpler, with many processes automated, which in itself gives you freedom from some of the daily juggling act.

When storage moves away from an exercise in survival, it offers some tantalising advantages. This is where Storwize really comes into its own, using the latest data analytics technologies to get insight into customers and communities in real time. We’re seeing customers use analytics to accurately predict buying patterns, production requirements and staffing needs – all while their competitors are still trying to create reports that are out of date by the time they are printed.

The new generation of devices removes the focus on fighting the tide of data, instead helping you to successfully ride the wave. For more information about Lenovo’s building blocks to analytics, contact Vintek on 1300 001 337