Vintek has worked extensively across all areas of government, encompassing Federal, State and Local government bodies. This allows us to understand and relate to the complexities, dynamic environments and workloads faced by your organisation.

Vintek can provide advice, resources and tailored technology solutions to support both day to day operations as well as project based activities. We understand the use of information and communications technology (ICT) by all facets of government is a critical element, as ICT is an enabler of productivity improvements and cost savings.

Vintek has an experienced team of government specialists who can handle all your IT needs from local to state and federal government.

Vintek provides IT services to numbers of government departments and councils around South Australia.

We are experienced in all aspects of local government including needs for leisure centres, libraries and public access areas.

Our capabilities include (but are not limited to):

  • ITVision
  • Synergy
  • ITT
  • Security Cameras including remote Police access
  • BGL
  • MapInfo
  • Remote access and VPN solutions
  • OCR solutions
  • Custom SQL integrations
  • Document management systems
  • Client upload/download portals
  • Multiple screen users
  • Virtualisation (VMWare, Hyper-V and KVM)

Vintek can help you design and deploy disaster effective recovery solutions for your critical IT infrastructure. We also have Security Experts to ensure your critical data and network remains secure and private at all times.

Key components of a Vintek IT support relationship:

  • We align IT strategies with the business plan of your organisation.
  • By sourcing new technologies and tools, we can assure that you are up to date with innovations that increase productivity and reduce costs.
  • We create a plan for your technology that grows with your businesses needs.
  • We provide proactive maintenance to prevent issues from occurring.
  • We implement a scheduled maintenance plan that is identifies regular tasks and responsibilities.
  • We identify issues as they occur through early warning and remote monitoring services.
  • We provide a guaranteed response to issues via a support escalation procedure.
  • We provide an account manager that monitors successful resolution of issues and consult with ongoing strategic planning and implementation.
  • We place Vintek’s team of specialised IT consultants at your disposal. Our team of IT specialists contribute their combined individual experience and knowledge to provide you with a support from a team that has a wide base of expertise.